DEVASTHAN PRABANDHAK SAMITI is a socio-religious charitable organization, constituted by the hereditary residents of village Hawal and Kuchapora of Distt.Pulwama( Kashmir), who have come together with the aim to safeguard the Devasthans and to work for the less privileged sections of the community. Hence forth, the organization is named as?DPS Hawal? and is a registered organization having its Head office at Hawal (Pulwama) and presently in Jammu with the following address, which for the time being will be its temporary head office. H.No.142-D, Lane-2, Sec.1 Durga Nagar, P/O Roop Nagar, Jammu (J&K). 180013

DPS Hawal is a social, religious, apolitical, non-profit and non-govt; organization established for the religious, social and moral uplift of general masses and for the betterment, safety and upkeep of the Devasthans at Hawal, namely, Shree Mahaganesh Mandir, Shree Shiv Jee Mandir, Mata Beeda Bhagwati Mandir(Beeda-bal), Shree Bairov Nath Jee asthapan, Shumshan Ghat premises and their assets.                        


          The main aims and objectives of DPS Hawal are:-

  • To work for the safety, betterment and upkeep of the Devasthans, and other assets.
  • To work for socio-religious functions, festivals and the like.
  • To preserve social and cultural heritage of the community.
  • To work for religious, social and moral uplift of the community.
  •  To help orphans, destitute, widows or any needy person of the society (Philanthropic activity).
  •  To upgrade the educational status of less privileged sections of the society.
  • To render voluntary services and assistance in times of natural calamities or otherwise.


Any person who subscribes to the objectives of DPS Hawal is invited to become its associate member provided he is a hereditary resident of village Hawal/Kuchapora (Pulwama), the area within the jurisdiction of the DPS Hawal. Every member shall have to pay such minimum annual membership fee as may be decided by the managing body from time to time.

            GENERAL BODY

All the members of the organization as mentioned above will constitute the General body. A selected honourable member of the General body will act as Patron of the samiti and will chair the Gen.Body meetings. It will meet as and when necessary but at least once in a year. The general body will elect   the Managing body and see that the property and finances of the organization are managed well.

Working Group

           The working group shall be constituted to have more man power for executing the samiti?s activities. Any member interested to join this working group voluntarily shall have to subscribe monthly an amount as may be decided by the Managing body from time to time. The Managing body members shall have no option, but to be the members of the working group also. This Working Group will work as a single constituent unit under the Managing body of DPS Hawal.


The Managing body will consist of Seven elected executive members (Office bearers) viz.President, Vice-President, General secretary, Secretary, Cashier, Organizer and Publicist.   The President shall be authorized to co-opt (nominate) additional three members, if required, for a specific purpose, for a limited period not exceeding one year. The President and the members of the Managing body will work in honorary capacity.